By MBPDLPayday Loans

Aug 09

Things I Love.

This week while perusing The Internets for inspiration (in general, for life, but also for the wedding) I sifted through a lot of sand and then I hit gold.

The thing about weddings today is this: everyone wants their stuff to look vintage. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for warm lighting and faded colors. I love a good solar flare and think that aging effects on photos are lovely. I love all things vintage. They remind me of my Mimi, which we all know is something that is very dear to me all of the sudden. (Getting married, I think, has made me miss her deeper, more prominently.)

But in ten years, I am likely not going to want my photos to look Vintage because, at that point, they will be. And then, I will want them to look timeless. Under all the fun effects I’m sure I’ll apply to the images, I am going to want strong photographs that tell the story of our wedding day all on their own, solar glare or not.

So. Something I Love: Strong images, that transcend any trends we see in photography. Like this series of images:

Image from Jayd Gardina Photography

Other Things I Love:

This Alice in Wonderland themed engagement shoot, courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes.The details were just delicious– literally.

Then I found a great honeymoon idea from The Wedding Chicks. Essentially, you give people the opportunity to contribute gifts toward the adventures you’d like to have on your honeymoon. It’s perfect for the couple who already have everything they need for their home {unlike James and I, who have almost nothing} and want to offset the cost of their honeymoon as much as possible.

Brilliant, brilliant!

And my friend Crystal over at Budget Bride Chicago found her DRESS! So you should check that out. Because it’s also lovely.

Unrelated to weddings, my favorite writer {Kyran Pittman} added to my List of Reasons To Love Her with {this} post about family and life and how surreal it can all be sometimes. It’s soul-stirring, and very likely good for your heart. Read it and you will not be sorry.

But more than anything else in the whole world, I love my new desk, and the windows it looks out of, and Elephant, who protects me from squirrels. Bless her pudgy little heart.